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Kenny Rice: “The Yes & No of Sports”

RKheadshotYES Gilbert Melendez has opted to stay with the UFC and turn down an offer from Bellator. He will now coach against Anthony Pettis in TUF then fight the lightweight champ for the title.

NO it isn’t a surprise. Only further proof of the resources and the deepest pockets in MMA at work. And kudos to Melendez for talking to Bellator to get the attention of the UFC again. That’s negotiating.

YES this squelches the talk of a “Super Fight” between Pettis and featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

NO this wasn’t a coincidence it worked out this way. Pettis needs at least one title defense, plus the UFC wasn’t risking two young stars taking an unnecessary loss.

YES Cris Cyborg wants to fight Ronda Rousey.

NO there isn’t anything official yet, but it is coming. Rousey is running out of worthy UFC challengers and Cyborg is still regarded by many as the best female fighter. A showdown is inevitable.

YES the U.S. Olympic speed skaters did not perform well in Sochi, and were more emotional about it than figure skaters, in finding blame other than themselves.

NO it wasn’t the suit. You are competing in the Olympics, think you might’ve taken the new and supposedly improved aerodynamic suit for a few test runs before Russia?

YES one of the five Olympic rings failed to open in the otherwise spectacular opening ceremony.

NO it wasn’t brushed aside, instead it was “replayed” in splendid tongue-in-cheek fashion in the closing ceremony. So much for no humor in Russia.

YES the famed No. 3 car returned to the Daytona 500, driven by Austin Dillon, a grandson of team owner Richard Childress who led the Dale Earnhardt team during the legendary days.

NO it was not irreverent but a display of tribute. Ironic isn’t it? With his father’s famous number back on the track, it was Dale Earnhardt, Jr. winning the race.

YES for whatever superficial reasons there will be a vote on delaying the snap of the football in the college game by 10 seconds to allow the defense to make substitutions.

NO it isn’t about welfare of the players, it is about giving the defense an edge, basically eliminating hurry up, no huddle play. Taking away strategy isn’t improving the game.

YES new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is looking into upping the age requirement to 20 before a man can enter the league.

NO it would not be anything but good, essentially eliminating the one-and-done. Keeping kids in college one more year is good for them on several levels and good for the college game.

YES Derek Jeter is retiring at the end of this season.

NO athlete in any sport should have missed his spring training press conference and the dignity and class he brings. That rare player great on and off the field.

YES it is admirable to want all school children to eat healthy and have those healthy foods available.

NO banning soda, chips and other “unhealthy” foods advertising at school sports events isn’t a solution. Ironically, it compounds problem of sports alternatives by losing over $100 million revenue annually in U.S.

YES the NCAA March Madness is near.

NO there won’t be an argument that this is the most wide open tourney of this decade.

YES it will be interesting especially to see the ‘surprise teams’ this season.

NO I wouldn’t miss it.


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