Miesha Tate and Cristiane “Cyborg” Plan to Team Up Against Ronda Rousey

Plus, Injury Updates from Anthony Pettis and Diego Sanchez

From Tonight’s “Inside MMA” Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten interviewed Miesha Tate, who sounded off on her rival Ronda Rousey, calling her “emotionally unstable” and saying “it’s no secret, I want to punch [Rousey] in the face.” Tate also talked about teaming up with Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino in preparation of her Dec. 28 fight.

Anthony Pettis talked to “Inside MMA” and updated his expected recovery time from what he said last week.

Said Pettis:

“From what I understand and what the doctors are telling me, I could be out two to three months before I can actually start getting active and start training again. I’m looking at a four-to-six-month recovery before I can fight again.”

Diego Sanchez spoke out to dispel the rumor of a brain injury that could prevent him from fighting.

Said Sanchez:

“I feel like my brain is fine. If I have a little stutter here or there that’s the same Diego that walked into the Ultimate Fighter house before I took any punches. I’m not a professional speaker, I’m a professional fighter. That’s what God put me on this planet to do.”

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