Mom Opens Up About Climbing into Cage at MMA Fight

Mom Makes Waves Online after Jumping in Cage at Ohio Fight Championship 20

You’ve heard of moms lifting cars to rescue their children, well one mom in Columbus, OH scaled the 9 foot cage at an MMA fight to be with hers. At 36 seconds of the first round Caleb Frasher choked out Joe Fisher with a standing Rear Naked Choking prompting Fisher’s mother, Suzi Arick-Stuller Fisher-Milton, to climb in the cage to check on him. She became an internet sensation this week as footage of the fight (Courtesy of Caleb Frasher) circulated the web.

[youtubeif qBziK8AgDSc]

“Inside MMA,” with the help of Bluegrass MMA, was able to get the first official statement from Suzi Arick-Stuller Fisher-Milton:

“As I sat in my chair for the 1st fight of the night I almost cried for the younger man in the cage. I didn’t see much of the 2nd fight because my son, Joe Fisher, had come out where I could see him and I watched him focus on his fight coming up next. Before I knew it he was in the ring followed shortly by his opponent, Caleb Frasher.

They seemed to be more evenly matched up, they were close to the same weight and height. Then I heard their names called, it brought back memories of my earlier days. The fight started, I yelled to Joe “KNOCK HIM OUT!”. Before I knew it Caleb was on Joe’s back with his arms locked on Joe’s neck and he went limp, his eyes rolled back in his head and the brown in them turned blue…FLASHBACK…my niece, Tara, was murdered in 1998, a blow to her temple changed her one brown eye to blue and they said it was typical of fighters after a blow to the head!

At that very moment, I thought my son was dead or dying. I was no longer in control of my self, just knew I had to get to him and hold him before he was gone. I do remember being on the top of the fence and hearing someone yell “get down from there” and I looked on each side of the cage and realized that inside the cage was the shortest drop, and there I would get to my son. When I came down onto the mat I was confronted by the referee who was between me and Joe so that was my next obstacle to clear. About that time, Joe had woke up and ordered me out of the cage, I knew he was Ok and immediately came to my senses and left, but not without and escort of the police department.

Today, 5 days later I am in battle with myself and torn between a mother’s love and a man needing his respect as I overstepped my boundaries. Now I am in HIS SPOTLIGHT and JOSEPH FISHER and CALEB FRASHER are the hero’s in this event for stepping into the cage. P.S. I vow to never attend any of Joe’s fights as a spectator on sight, only by video!”    – Suzi Arick-Stuller Fisher-Milton

(Special thanks to Bluegrass MMA and Suzi Arick-Stuller Fisher-Milton for the statement and Caleb Frasher for the video.)

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