New Beginning: White vs. Tanahashi

The Title and The Future of New Japan Hang in The Balance

Wars have been prevalent throughout history. Often the reasoning behind the fighting is for control. Control of property. Control of direction. Hiroshi Tanahashi is dubbed the “Ace of New Japan” because at one time in its rich history Tanahashi was that young lion who wanted to change the direction of the company. A fierce competitor who wanted the most prestigious title in all of wrestling. He fought hard and, in the process, rose the company to heights it had never seen before. That was then.

Now, a new competitor has emerged. Hungry for it all, willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. At Wrestle Kingdom 12 “Switchblade”Jay White wanted to seize the moment and challenged the then IWGP Intercontinental Champion to a bout. Tanahashi would walk out as the victor but despite defeat, Jay White was more determined than ever.

Over the course of the year, he captured the IWGP United States championship, rocked the foundation of NJPW when Gedo decided to align himself with him, joined the rejuvenated Bullet Club, and at this year’s Wrestle Kingdom, defeated Kazuchika Okada, in what many considered a massive upset.

At New Year Dash!! “Switchblade”, most likely still bitter from the year prior, went after the newly crowned champ, Hiroshi Tanahashi. White has both pinned and shockingly made Tanahashi tap out in tag team action. Both are scheduled for main event singles action. The IWGP Heavyweight Championship is on the line and possibly so much more. Will this be a changing of the guard and the true beginning of the “Switchblade” Era? Or will the old guard with the young soul keep protecting the kingdom that he fought so hard to save? GET INVOLVED THIS FRIDAY 8p/7c!

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