Naito’s Continued Quest to be New Japan’s First Dual Champion.

Tetsuya Naito’s quest to become New Japan’s first dual champion has to go through the “Switchblade”

Tetsuya Naito is determined to show the wrestling world that when he puts his mind to it, anything can and will happen. For a better part of a year now his message has been clear – “I want to be New Japan’s first ever dual champion.” What does this mean? It means at the end of the night being recognized as not only the IWGP Intercontinental Champion but also the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. A feat no one has been able to do and Naito seems like the perfect candidate. Unfortunately for him, his opponent this Saturday night is also capable on conquering such a task; “Switchblade” Jay White.

Another person, another leader of a power group, Jay White has all the tools and determination to do what Naito is seeking. In the same mindset of “putting his mind to it, anything can and will happen”, Jay White has promised multiple things in the past and has delivered on them. His latest push of his is him walking into Kobe with one title and sooner rather then later walking out of the squared circle with two.

Both are masterful manipulators inside the ring and to be the top guy in New Japan will require some incredible thinking and techniques to outmaneuver each other. LIJ and Bullet Club leaders COLLIDE this Saturday night and it’s the final part of Destruction in Kobe. This all goes down 9/8c. You won’t want to miss this one.

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