Old Stablemates Go Face-To-Face: NJPW Sneak Peek

“Switchblade” Jay White tries to stomp out Hirooki Goto in their first singles encounter

At one point “Switchblade” Jay White, GEDO, and Hirooki Goto were all part of the CHAOS faction in New Japan. They would eat, sleep, and train together. So when someone or some people decide to turn their backs on what is considered a “family,” blood will be boiling for some time long after the dastardly deed took place.

Hirooki Goto is looking for revenge against his stablemates by putting the boots to White. Goto has the tools to beat anyone on any day; however, Jay White’s biggest strength is doing whatever it takes to reach the top. Turning on his friends and family, he will absolutely cheat and bend the rules to shape the outcome to his advantage. With GEDO helping him along the way, Goto must have eyes in the back of his head. In any event, this is the first time these two men will go head-to-head in singles competition. Expect anything from these athletes.

It all goes down THIS FRIDAY 8/7c.

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