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He could’ve said “See, told ya’ so,” after passing his test, and taking apart Brock Lesnar in his impressive UFC debut late last year. But Alistair Overeem didn’t dwell on it, all that speculation – was his monstrous physique all genuine? He did what he usually does: win a fight.

Maybe there was another reason. Maybe dodging the proverbial bullet was appreciated, and the time to become a braggadocio wasn’t then.

Surprise, surprise. When the Nevada State Athletic Commission this week showed up Tuesday for a random rest of the heavy-duty Heavyweights getting ready for an upcoming UFC card, five of six passed with no problem. The one who didn’t, Overeem, now faces his biggest problem.

His T/E ratio was 14:1, 6:1 is the acceptable limit. If he were drinking, let’s say it would be tantamount to a black out drunk. It’s a standard test for athletes measuring the testosterone to epitestosterone level. As men get older the level drops naturally. That’s why there are tests: usually a jump in the ratio means something is amiss, something is being enhanced – usually with steroids.  Tests are done through urine sampling and this failure of Overeem’s has likely left the UFC and fans peed off.

A 16-year old boy watching “Bikini Destination” might have the same 10:1 ratio as Overeem did, but that’s about the only argument he has left. All the excuses, having to leave the country, the search for an accredited drug testing facility overseas, all the circus atmosphere surrounding  the big top strong man is tiring and collapsing like a giant tent suffocating any logical explanation except the obvious one, the one rumored about for years.

And what is left for the powerful Dutch striker? He might be on his way to a UFC exit after one winning fight, a dubious mark in MMA history. His title shot at champion Junior Dos Santos–who along with Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez, Antonio Silva, and Roy Nelson, all passed–is now scrapped. He had fought Lesnar with a conditional license granted by the NSAC stipulating random drug tests like the one he failed. He can petition for a ‘B’ sample that might negate the ‘A’ sample he failed.

That is a random grasp, and what can no longer be randomly overlooked: Overeem’s lifetime chance to show he is the best Heavyweight in the world appears gone… quite possibly forever. He now has the colossal task of showing this test was only a fluke. To once again prove he is simply a natural “Ubereem” – and that fight could be just too huge to take on.

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