–Kenny Rice


There’s an old saying “Be careful about pointing a finger at someone because four are pointing back at you.”


The talented, colorful, Chael Sonnen probably has never heard this.  Or he chose to ignore a fairly wise and reasonable adage while he was boisterously declared himself the obvious choice to fight UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva.  Arrogantly calling out, daring the man most consider the best fighter in all of MMA and arguably the best ever.


Those fingers point back at Sonnen though. He could have already had his second shot at Silva after a tremendous showing in the first meeting.


But Sonnen’s 14 month departure was self-induced, failed drug test for testosterone level brought a suspension, more problems after a federal plea bargain of guilty for money laundering and fraud in January.


The rematch that every fan wanted to see was postponed in February because of Sonnen’s problems, no other reason. He will fight Silva again after the best challenge the champ has received in years, Sonnen controlling all the way before being caught in the Spider’s web of a triangle arm bar with just over a minute remaining in the fight. But to hear Sonnen’s take he won the fight. Now that’s a spin job.


Sonnen’s fledgling political career is over but he still loves the soap box and his campaign to take on Silva again was fun for a moment. But he has said too much and pointed the finger to the wrong person, look at the other four pointing back to Chael.




Mark Munoz was a great wrestler and wrestling coach, so how has he become such a knockout threat? This week on Inside MMA he explains it simply, “A lot of practice. As a coach I learned the benefits of listening, the best students do.”


So the man who began his MMA career at the rather old age of 30, even though he had been “fighting for a long time just no punches in competition”, sought out the best including two weeks with the master of punching Freddie Roach


“It always comes down to repetition. Everyone can train hard but train with a purpose know what you are trying to work on and focus on that.”


He fights Chris Leben in UFC 138, a showdown that should put the winner very much in the small circle gathering around Silva for the Middleweight title.


About Leban, Munoz says with much respect that he is “Zombie like” in his fighting, “he will take a hit and just keep coming at you.”


Nam Phan got his revenge over Leonard Garcia with a unanimous win in the “Fight of the Night” at UFC 136, his first in the organization.


“It isn’t easy to win in the UFC, it was a big moment in my career,” says the soft-spoken Phan. “I was nervous waiting for the judges decision though.”


Understandably after losing a decision to Garcia earlier, a fight almost everyone but the judges had given the Phan.


And while it’s fun to have some fun about Carlos Condit getting the UFC Welterweight title shot against Georges St. Pierre because Nick Diaz continues to be his own worst enemy by being demoted on the card because of his failure to show up for press conferences, there is no question Condit deserves it.


“I felt I am the number one contender,” he says from the Jackson training facility in New Mexico.


Condit has been on an amazing roll with 12 wins in his last 13 outings, including four in a row. He is personable and articulate as well, the wonderful antithesis of the man he is replacing on the card. But Condit’s focus is in the right place, not on how he got the shot that would’ve come eventually anyway, but on GSP who hasn’t lost since 2007.


“Georges is a fighter I’ve always looked up to, it’s a huge honor to fight him. I’ve been working on take down (defense) and probably will get taken down.”


Condit admits he doesn’t think the odds are in his favor if it goes the distance as has become the standard for St. Pierre victories of late.


“I am always looking to finish. I am the best fighter I can be right now. And I am going into this with nothing to lose.”


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