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Courtesy ESPN/ABC

Courtesy ESPN/ABC


We’ve come off the hottest year in U.S. history, really scientific people have confirmed, right into a rather lukewarm college football bowl season where the attention on Miss Alabama somehow became a story right along with the Tide’s total humiliation of Notre Dame.

So let’s just forget the PC portion of the New Year and get down to it.


-It isn’t a rule but it does seem to be true that many star quarterbacks date very attractive women. Oh, when did saying someone is attractive become derogatory? Degrading? Desensitizing? Probably when ESPN, the masters of their own hype, apologized for Brent Musburger, the veteran announcer, saying just that about Miss Alabama Katherine Webb who also dates the Crimson Tide’s QB A.J.McCarron. She was plastered front and center on the screen more times than Irish star linebacker Manti Te’o.

Granted Miss Webb was having a better game and of course she attends Auburn, but dating the arch-rival grid-star was a tailor made storyline, but for the network to throw Musburger under the bus for saying something  along the line of how young boys in Alabama should start throwing the football around so they could date a beauty queen someday, is ridiculous and hypocritical. Fans know this, they know the play-by-play guy doesn’t call the camera shots. Fans are also savvy enough to know there is a producer in the ear of the announcer reminding him that “here’s Miss Alabama again, say something.”

Why not just admit it, we love to see good-looking people, we think it’s cool, they’re not regular folks. We want that we walk around the block.

Tom Brady is married to Gisele, that’s what stars do. Back before the silly, mindless political correctness made mush of far too many, Joe Willie Namath was a rock star QB loved and adored by men and women for his free-wheeling bachelor lifestyle of partying on Saturday night and having it together Sunday afternoon to throw touchdowns.

Handsome quarterback of an iconic college football program leads his team to a second straight title and also dates the most gorgeous lady in the state. It’s America! TV networks drool over that, they don’t have to show her or talk about her at all, but they know people dig it, it’s the makeup of society to be fixated and fascinated by the beautiful and successful. ESPN–whose magazine paraded a naked Ronda Rousey on the cover– was just as smitten and loved it all, until they got so PC nervous and paranoid.

Little boys think about that growing up– to be famous and date the prettiest girl. If not a great athlete, an actor, a TV personality, a doctor, a Congressman or better yet a Senator, a business tycoon. These do seem to attract attention a bit more than a math teacher, mailman, health inspector or accountant, all worthy, admirable professions but no one is tuning in to watch them in action. It doesn’t have to be right it’s just that way and has been forever. Gladiators dated more than anyone in Roman days.

You don’t have to be a scientist to deduce a pattern here. And a compliment is not creepy or flirtatious or insulting. It shouldn’t have become much ado about nothing but it did not just because of ESPN but other media outlets with each becoming the last bastion of protectors of the attractive.

This is not scientific but I think MMA’s growth over the last decade is directly related to this whole (or possibly hole) PC society secretly begging for some good old-fashioned fighting as society wallowed deeper into making sure everything and everyone was okay. PC got lost in the intent. It should be the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you want them to do unto you. That got muddled with as an individual saw it, not the greater good of a community, where a single cry was treated as mass demand.

Miss Alabama said she wasn’t insulted, enough said. ESPN should have apologized for the terribly inept BCS that continues a pitiful history of mismatched title games.


—Along the lines of the holier than thou, baseball writers who oohed and awed over the homers of Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa and the strikeouts of Roger Clemens a decade back when they were covering them have now taken it upon themselves to be the protectors of the game. Not that the game wasn’t an utterly messed up deal with looking the other way when superhuman feats were being performed. Fans were flocking to stadiums to see it or tuning in to watch. That’s all that mattered.

Revisionist history is a deadly thing. Stories of the moment are reconstructed to suit the reporter and not reflective of the time that mattered. And guilt in the case of these once heroes is now at the subjection of the voter regardless of no proof via the legal system. There is no doubt of the cloud that will always loom over these men and that era, but at what point is there a contradiction for the “experts” there covering it then and their jaded recollection now?

Should there be a giant asterisk placed next to most who played then? Would that matter or be fair? It has to be better than this self righteous boycott being exerted through the ballot box.

And what about those who weren’t tainted? How can anyone who professes to know the game and care about it overlook Craig Biggio and his three thousand plus hits in an outstanding career be punished because some writers are just ticked off, maybe at themselves for turning a blind eye to it all as it unfolded, at those they once worshipped in print.

MMA can learn something important from the baseball steroid times and take a harder look at any type of performance enhancer being used now, including TRT.


—Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre will continue to be the most intriguing figures in MMA this year. Is this the time they will at last meet in a super fight? Or will Jon Jones factor into the picture as a super challenger to Silva? Rousey will be right there in the mix as the flag bearer for the women’s movement in the sport. How will the box office and pay-per-view numbers be for arguably as recognized fighter as there is in the sport?

She is also attractive, that has landed her much attention from outside the usual media circles of MMA. Gee, I hope that doesn’t offend. Oh forget it, of course it doesn’t. A pretty lady with amazing athletic skills, that’s what people want to see. No apologies.

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