The VOICE vs Badr Hari – Sneak Peek
In this sneak peak clip from THE VOICE vs BADR HARI filmed in Amsterdam, Michael Schiavello asks Hari is he ever feels remorse for opponents he has devastated with bone-breaking knockouts. The answer may surprise you. Also, does Hari think Alistair Overeem is a deserving K-1 Grand Prix champion? And how would another fight between Hari and The Reem go down?
The Voice vs Badr Hari is the seventh episode in HDNET’s critically acclaimed THE VOICE VERSUS series.
Filmed in Amsterdam at Mike’s Gym, with hostings shot around Amsterdam’s scenic canals and Red Light (de Wallen) District, The Voice vs Badr Hari is the most intense and intriguing interview of the series yet.
“The Voice vs Badr Hari is more than an interview,” says Michael Schiavello. “Watch the shift in Badr’s body language; his eye movement; his reaction time to certain questions; his overall demeanour. This whole hour is an intriguing study into the psyche of the most complex fighter on the planet.”

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