Drinking Made Easy: Boise!

Idaho is known for it’s delicious tasting and mass produced spuds; but people can only take so much of the usual baked potato, mashed potato and rosemary potato recipes. So what else can one do with these refined carbohydrates?-besides pack on the sour cream and bacon bits?

Tonight on HDNet’s Drinking Made Easy- Zane and the boys hit up Boise, Idaho and learn about potato vodka, have a spudly eating contest in the backseat of a car (weird, not the typical go-to activity to do in the backseat of a car), and work off those starches during a potato sack race. Who knew so much could be done with these, um, “vegetables”? Yeah, we’ll go with that. All they need are potato guns and a real party can begin. Although, with a 10-minute martini and potato vodka in the mix, that may not be the best idea in the world.

It all begins tonight at 8:30 pm ET on HDNet! Don’t miss it.

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