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Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Made Easy Comedy Tour

Were you and your friends annoyed with “that guy” at parties? You know the one- the guy who could shot gun beers in .2 seconds flat. The guy people feared would still be awake long after you passed out; knowing full well if you gave in to your sleep deprivation due to your liquor filled gluttony, this starving artist will use your body as a canvas filled with enough Sharpie produced characters to create a new X-men Comic Book. The guy who seemed like he was wildly out of control, but you knew deep down he was really the life of the party.

Well “that guy” has now taken those drinking experiences and turned it into a career. Annoying, right?

Zane Lamprey took notes at those frat parties and social gatherings while everyone else was beer bonging and sleeping off shame. See what “that guy” came up with. Tap into a keg and watch his Drinking Made Easy Comedy Special- Wednesday, April 20th at 8pm ET only on HDNet. Get your koozies ready, you don’t want that beer to get warm.

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