Drinking Made Easy Gets a Taste of PDX!

Rain is probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the Northwest-however, because of that constant down pour of angels tears (they’re crying because they wish they could be drinking with us too), they are also able to have some of the countries greenest shrubbery and finest vineyards and anywhere that has good alcohol, is good in our book…so keep getting wet PDX!

This week, Drinking Made Easy makes a stop in the City of Roses-Portland, Oregon where Zane has a firery coffee in one of the city’s oldest bars- Huber’s and also learns a few new drink recipes and bar tricks along the way!

Don’t miss an all new episode of Drinking Made Easy: Portland! You may want to take a tour up North a little more after watching this episode knowing this city is widely known for their numerous breweries and five-star cuisine-as well as their swanky art district and feel-good music including beats of blues and jazz. Who knows, you may even see Tonya Harding slice one up in the famous Clackamas town Center (sorry T, we just couldn’t resist. Good luck with that boxing career!) The fun all begins tonight starting at 8:30pm ET only on HDNet!

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