Drinking Made Easy: San Francisco

What does one think of when they go to San Francisco? Earthquakes. The Golden Gate Bridge. Full House-the set that killed the dreams of Bob Saget. (sorry Bobby, but it’s true. Your stand up isn’t the best) But now there is something else you may think of when you decide to tour this vibrantly flamboyant as well as eclectic city, besides cable cars; which if you think about it, due to Mr. Rogers they have become pretty bad ass. Too bad they really don’t transcend into time and take us into the neighborhood of make believe. Well, actually that may be creepy. Instead, Drinking Made Easy is going to take you into the neighborhood of inebriation.

This week on Drinking Made Easy, Zane and Steve hit up the City by the Bay and get some “medicinal wine” yeah, that’s what we use wine for also- as well as do an 80 proof keg stand. Alright boys, your college years are over. Do you really think you guys have the stamina of a frat boy? I guess we’re just going to have to watch and find out.

It all begins Wednesday March 2nd at 8:30 pm ET only on HDNet!

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