Frolick on the beach with Amy Lynn Grover!

February 17th marked on the calendar? Check. Cold beer in the fridge? Check. Popcorn bought and ready to be popped? Check. Box of tissues (for tears of laughter of course!) and lotion (Gotta keep your skin silky smooth) ready to go on the coffee table? Check! Then you are all ready for the premiere of the hottest season yet of Get Out! This Thursday, February 17th at 8PM.

Now bust that box of tissues out, because you are about to have tears of joy as HDNet brings together the best of both worlds with tantalizing host Lana Tailor and her mesmerizing co-host Amy Lynn Grover! What more could you ask for!? Amy Lynn Grover spices things up this season with with her long blond locks and killer body to match. Think you need a little taste of what Amy Lynn has to offer before the premiere? Then take a look at our exclusive All Access photo shoot with Amy Lynn as she gets down and dirty in some of the hottest swimsuits you will ever see!

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