Get Out! Co-Host Lana Tailor on Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter

So what did happen during Superbowl weekend? There were parties, the beach bowl, more parties, oh, and of course that event billions of Americans eagerly anticipate each year…the mighty Superbowl. It’s practically bigger than Christmas for crying out loud.

In between the star studded glamour, poppin’ bottles of celebratory Champagne and drooling over men in uniform (ladies- you aren’t excluded either. We all LOVED watching you do your thang at the beach bowl), the crew at HDNet surprisingly did find time to do a little work during the biggest party weekend of the year. Hey, we’re professionals-that’s what we came to Dallas for, right? We get the job done.

To be fair, we really can’t classify our jobs as “work”. Really? Staring at Lana Tailor and the rest of the Get Out! girls everyday, as well as searching for the Hottest Girl in America on Girls Gone Wild to being the nosy neighbor and knowing every inside detail of the life of Hollywood Celebutants. Yeah, we’re not complaining here. It sure beats punching numbers in a computer and sitting in a confided cubicle.

However, now that we’ve got that cleared up-here is a peek at a little bit of what we did during our visit in Dallas. Get Out! Co-Host Lana Tailor joined Rob Shuter on Naughty But Nice to help present this week’s Naughtiest and Nicest Celebrities. Don’t miss an all new episode of Naughty But Nice this Saturday at 1pnm ET only on HDNet- as well as the premiere of an all new season of Get Out! starting tomorrow, February 17 on Guys Night In. Season 15 of Get Out! Takes you to Mexico! Don’t miss it.

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