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Get Out! Mexico Premieres February 17th

Ahhh, Mexico. Picture this: the warm, white sand between your toes, the gentle tickle of the salty ocean waves slowly and peacefully churning onto shore as you lay sprawled out basking in the warm rays of the Mexico sun. Or is it sunset- and are you enjoying the warm colors of orange, purple and fuchsia in the sky as the sun slowly falls down into the ocean? Laying on a blanket on the sand relaxing as the sound of the waves crash against rocks and the shore.

Who wouldn’t like to pack up and go right this instant to enjoy paradise for a week or so? Unfortunately, this fantasy would cost time and money so HDNet has decided to bring the country of beauty and passion to YOU!

That’s right, only 6 more days till the much anticipated 15th season of Get Out! premieres. Set your DVR’s to HDNet Thursday February 17th for Guys Night In to catch Get Out! Mexico with returning hosts Lana Tailor and Amy Lynn Grover! Do NOT miss it. It’s probably the closest thing to sex on the beach we’ll all get to with the way the economy is going these days. How about a little of that dough of yours Mr. Cuban?

We’ll meet you all on HDNet Thursday, February 17th for Guys Night In and the new episode of Get Out! Mexico!

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