Robert Plant and the Band of Joy Sunday, April 3 on HDNet

Decades later, Rock legend and 2011 Grammy Nominee, Robert Plant continues to show his legendary musical brilliance. The former Led Zeppelin lead singer created his own band-Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, which has smooth, yet heart pumping beats with a touch of Southern blues and of course a thick under layer of the rock n’ roll background that made the world fall in love with the singer in the first place.

Angel Dance is the lead single from his album Band of Joy which includes songs Silver Rider, House of Cards, Monkey, Falling in Love Again as well as a few handfuls of other songs which will be sure to satisfy your craving for rich rock & roll flavour, and would especially make John Bonham proud and probably get up and do “a little Angel Dance”.

Don’t miss them Sunday April 3 at 12:40am ET only on HDNet as part of our HDNet Sunday Concert Series.

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