A break down of Divas Week + an EXCLUSIVE look at The X Factor UK House

Thanks to our friend, Ché Chesterman, we were able to get all the behind the scenes goodness of this week’s episode AND for the first time EVER see the inside of the XF House!

Our X Factor contestants did NOT disappoint when it came to divas week. One by one they belted out the most iconic (and probably some of the most challenging) songs made iconic by the best divas in the game. From Whitney, to Adele, to MJ, we were stunned by each performance. But of course, this is The X Factor and our Top Ten had to turn into nine and Relley was sadly sent home. Relive the entire weekend with insights from Ché Chesterman AND catch an exclusive look at The X Factor house in this week’s recap.

Ryan Lawrie let his inner rock star out with his own version of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”.

Saara Aalto absolutely WOWED everyone with a bonkers, bananas, and BRILLIANT performance of Bjork’s “Oh So Quiet”.

Why only have one diva, when you can have FOUR? Four of Diamonds conquered the sing off and will be headed into next week!

Relley truly captured the diva spirit, but unfortunately failed to impress the judges during the sing off and was sent home.

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