Movie Night Leads To Max and Monica’s Exit – The X Factor UK Week 12 Recap

No shortage of drama as the finalists took on songs from top Hollywood flicks.

Every week we’re getting closer to crowning a champion and that means that the competition keeps getting tougher. Reggie N Bollie started the party by performing their kid’s favorite song, “Who Let The Dogs Out” from The Rugrats Movie, Anton Stephans redeemed himself after his disappointing performance last week with The Bodyguard’s “I Have Nothing”, and Louisa Johnson even brought her mentor to tears with “Everybody’s Free” from Romeo and Juliet.

Every contestant received positive reviews, so when it came to the results we had NO idea who would be eliminated. Shockingly, it was revealed that the bottom three was Max Stone, Monica Michaels, and Anton Stephans. Max Stone was eliminated immediately, leaving Monica and Anton to sing for their X Factor future and a spot on the X Factor Tour. The judges gave a split decision, which put them into deadlock. Ultimately, it was Monica who was sent home after one incredible X Factor UK journey. Check out the week in videos below and catch the next round of lives Sunday and Monday 8/7c on AXS TV!

Reggie N Bollie do what Reggie N Bollie do best and get everybody in the crowd up and dancing.

Anton Stephans wouldn’t even look his mentor in the eye after last week’s performance because he was so upset with himself. Although he was sent to the sing off at the results show, he was able to redeem himself and move on to next week.

Louisa Johnson gave her mentor, Rita Ora, the feels with this performance of “Everybody’s Free” from Romeo and Juliet.

Monica Michael had one whirlwind journey on The X Factor. She was eliminated, brought back, and even had to change her song hours before this week’s performance. Unfortunately, she was eliminated, but we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

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