Relive The SPOOKTACULAR X Factor UK Fright Night with Ché Chesterman!

It’s been one SCARY good and jam packed weekend of The X Factor… thankfully our friend Che Chesterman is here to break it all down for us.

After this weekend’s insane episode, we’re wishing EVERY night could be Fright Night. The production, the dance numbers, and the vocal talent were all out of this world as our contestants tackled hits from Michael Jackson, Radiohead, Backstreet Boys, and more. See what down on the “Fangtastic” evening, plus get a behind the scenes look at what our final nine did for Halloween weekend, all on this week’s recap.

With those beautiful baby blues, we were all (almost) literally dying over Matt’s spellbinding performance.

5 After Midnight truly captured the spirit of Halloween and of MJ with their cover of “Thriller.”

Nicole and Simon actually agreed on something this week… how STUPID GOOD Emily was. They both called it the performance of the night.

Despite giving it her all, after a brutal sing off with Four of Diamonds, we were all shocked and gutted to learn Gifty would be leaving the competition.

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