The Battle for The X Factor UK Crown Moves to Boot Camp

Last week we narrowed in our talent to find the top contestants headed to the dreaded Six Chair Challenge

It was finally time to move on to the next phase of the competition: boot camp. Our contestants were faced with the challenge of the daunting “Wall of Songs”. Fifty songs were placed on a wall and repeated three times. All our contestants had to do was run up to the wall, pick a song, and whoever picked the same song were automatically paired together. While some groups came together seamlessly and became X Factor dream teams, others were faced with disastrous walk outs. But despite whatever drama happened in rehearsals, each line had to sing for their life and a coveted spot in the next stage of The X Factor: The Six Chair Challenge.

Yes. Honey G was BACK. And *SPOILER ALERT* she is going to (rap) battle it out during the Six Chair Challenge.

Matt Terry had us all swooning again over a seriously stunning version of “See You Again”.

Beck MAY have forgotten the words to his song, but don’t worry, he always has “Friday Night” to fall back on.

Ottavio and Bradley got the “Golden Ticket” with “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus, and by that we’re guessing we mean a ticket to the Six Chair Challenge.

Janet MAY have gotten one of the best compliments you can ever be given in the history of The X Factor ever.

It was a serious moment of celebration for Niall, Caityln, Samantha, Peyton, Sada, and 43 other contestants who are on their way to the Six Chair Challenge.

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