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The Hunger Games of singing competitions takes its first victim: The Girls

Within the first few minutes it was revealed that Rita Ora would be the mentor for the ladies this year. At first she was thrilled, but soon realized that this would be something she “wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.” The intimidating night began with Katie Coleman whose performance just wasn’t good enough for a chair. One by one each girl gave it their all as the open seats dwindled to zero. Before we knew it all six chairs were full with Karen Mav, Monica Michael, Chloe Baker, Sharon Rose, Chloe Paige, and Charli Beard, but they didn’t get to stay there. First, Chloe Baker was booted, then Sharon, Karen, and Charli. After several emotional performances and a couple switches, the final six girls had finally taken their seat: Chloe Paige, Havva Rebke, Kiera Weathers, Louisa Johnson, Lauren Murray and Monica Michael. Check out clips from the exhausting evening below and tune in MONDAY 8/7c to see what other contestants will survive the cutthroat Six Chair Challenge.

Rita Ora preps the girls for the performance of a lifetime.

Monica Michael missed out on a chair last year, but thankfully this performance helped her dreams come true this year.

Chloe Paige took a major risk by performing a capella, but the risk ultimately paid off and she earned a spot in Judge’s Houses.

Louisa Johnson impressed the judges with every audition. The Six Chair Challenge was no different. She stole Chloe Baker’s chair and moved on to the next round.

It takes serious guts to take on a Whitney Houston classic like “I Will Always Love You”, and for Kiera Weathers it worked and Rita swapped her with Karen Mav.

After watching every other girl take the stage, Lauren Murray was the last to perform. After going “blurry,” she pulled it together and ended with the last chair.

See if your favorite contestant will make it through the ultimate in television entertainment: as the dreaded “Six Chair Challenge” continues Monday at 8/7c!

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