The Groups and Overs Face Their Fate at the Final Six Chair Challenge – The X Factor UK Week 8 Recap

Finally, the brutality has come to a close.

After three exhausting weeks of the Six Chair Challenge, we are proud to say we have now made it through the most cutthroat part of the competition. For round three Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell were dealt the task of narrowing down our top six Groups and Overs. With the chairs already full from last week’s performances, the pressure was on for gospel groups Silver Tone and BEKLN. Both succeeded in stealing seats and we had to say goodbye to Mon Amie and Rumour Has It, making our final six Menn on Point, Alien, 4th Power, The First Kings, Silver Tone, and BEKLN.

Then, it was time for Simon to play the X Factor’s brutal version of musical chairs with the Overs category. Things started on a sour note for Simon, who made it very clear he was not happy with the category he was assigned. He quickly shot a “no” to his first performer, Holly Johnson. Thankfully, the night was turned around and the seats were soon full with Max Stone, Vicky Ann Nash, Joseph McCaul, Stephanie McCourt, Kerrie-Anne Phillips, and Anton Stephans… that is until the swapping began. Simon couldn’t make up his mind and we were all overwhelmed with the amount of switching. One minute a contestant was gone, then they were brought back, then they were sent home again. Eventually, we met our final six: Max Stone, Ebru, Jennifer Phillips, Bupsi, Kerrie-Anne Phillips, and Anton Stephans. Check out some of the best moments from the whirlwind evening below and don’t forget The X Factor is BACK THIS SUNDAY AND MONDAY 8/7c on AXS TV with Judge’s Houses!

Silver Tone has had to prove themselves over and over to the judges. They returned to their gospel roots for the Six Chair Challenge, earning them a spot at Judge’s Houses.

Poor Max Stone started his audition by being told by Simon he wasn’t fun and looked “half dead”. He earned Simon’s first seat only to be swapped with Hannah Marie Kilminister. However, by the end of the night Simon realized he loved Max and swapped him back with Hannah.

Anton Stephans has impressed every time with his vocals, but Simon was a bit concerned about his funny singing faces. Thankfully, he had the perfect response and deliver the perfect performance.

Jennifer Phillips delivered one of the most powerful performances of the night. After earning a standing ovation from all the judges, there was no way Simon could deny her a chair.

See if your favorite contestant will make it through the next step of The X Factor, Judge’s Houses! We’ll narrow down to our top 12 Sunday AND Monday 8/7c to AXS TV!

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