Who Survived Boot Camp? – The X Factor UK Week 4 Recap

Forget the drama and the bickering – this week it was all about pure talent on The X Factor UK.

During boot camp round one, the judges chiseled away at the number of contestants so that only the best remained. However, during boot camp round two, more cuts had to be made until we finalized the top 15 from each category to move on to the Six Chair Challenge. This week’s challenge was simple: choose from a list of songs and audition individually. But simple definitely doesn’t mean easy. The competition was fierce and our contestants all had serious nerves to overcome. After all the stunning performances, the deliberation began and the judges were left with the task of delivering the news. Who’s dreams were crushed and who earned the opportunity of a lifetime? Watch the night in videos & check out who scored a spot in next Monday’s cutthroat Six Chair Challenge below!

Sean Miley Moore dazzles yet again with an emotional rendition of Ray Charles’ “A Song For You”.

The “creatively confident” Papasidero packed several surprises (and a new set of wings) into his performance of David Guetta’s “Titanium”.

Cheryl could barely contain herself during Andre Batchelor’s performance, which ultimately earned him a “no, no, no” from the judges.

Che Chesterman was clearly one of the most nervous contestants in the bunch, but his anxiety didn’t get in the way of delivering another amazing vocal.

After some serious debating, the big reveal was made. Here’s who got good news from the judges:

Caitlyn Vanbeck, Charli Beard, Chloe Baker, Chloe Paige, Havva Rebke, Jasmine Leigh Morris, Karen Mav, Katie Coleman, Kelly Mai Webb, Keira Weathers, Lauren Murray, Louisa Johnson, Lucy Duffield, Monica Michaels, Sharon Rose, Sophie Plumb.

Ben Clark, Brodie Kelly, Ché Chesterman, Danny Sharples, Jamie Eldridge, Jordan Luke Gage, Josh Daniel, Martin Harich, Mason Noise, Nathanneal Landskroner, Ollie Marland, Papasidero, Seann Miley Moore, Simon Lynch, Tom Bleasby, Tom Davies.

Alien, Bekln, Cam and Brett, Deciebellas, 4th Power, Goe, Menn on Point, Mon Amie, My Bad Sister, PYT, Rumour Has It, Ryder, Silver Tone, The First Kings, Tribe.

Alex Boye, Anton Stephans, Bupsi, Ebru, Hannah Marie, Holly Johnson, Jennifer Phillips, Joseph McCaul, Kerrie-Ann Phillips, Lochei Kusi Ghent, Max Stone, Neneth Lyons, Sherilyn Hamilton Shaw, Stephanie McCourt, Tonatha Raihan, Vicki Ann Nash, Zen Blythe.

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