“Art Mann Presents”: The Bean Blossom Bikerfest this Wednesday!

Over 13 years, Bean Blossom BikerFest has become one of the Midwest’s premiere Biker Rally/Festival! Art Mann takes you to Brown County, Indiana for a four day-long fest featuring live music, Bike Shows, Field Events, Pole Dancing Contests, A “What T-shirt?” contest, hilarious red-neck games and a whole lot more!

Don’t miss the fun! Tune in Wednesday July 30 at 8 ET|5 PT!

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Art Mann returns with an ALL NEW episode this Wednesday with a trip to San Fermin, the annual bull run festival in New Orleans!



This definitely ain’t your grandfather’s bull run! The yearly San Fermin fest is an homage to the world famous Encierro of Pamplona or “The Running of the Bulls” has just one small difference – the bulls are none other than the Big Easy Rollergirls and participants from other roller derby leagues across the country! “Art Mann Presents” takes you to the front lines of the race, where thousands of inebriated runners frantically try to avoid female “bulls” who speed after them in roller skates, brandishing inflatable bats.

Don’t miss the fun! Tune in Wednesday July 30 at 8 ET|5 PT!

Art Mann Presents: The 10th AMP #TVGold Awards, July 9 & 16 at 8 ET|5 PT

This week, on a very special “Art Mann Presents,” Art and crew honor excellence in the field of boozing and good times in the 10th “Art Mann Presents TV Gold Awards.” Relive the classiest moments from the fine ladies and gentlemen we’ve met over this season of AMP as Art reveals the winners in categories like, Best Motorboating, Best Microphone Action Scene, Best Use of Profanity and Best Drunk Dancing. In fact, there’s SO MUCH TV Gold we had to split the awards into two specials – part one airs July 9, and part two airs July 16.

Tune in Wednesday night to see who takes home the coveted chubby, gold statuette in this year’s #TVGold Awards – only on AXS TV.




[youtubeif kYgrpW5McEU]

San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers is the oldest consecutively run footrace in the world! A staple to the City by the Bay since May 1912, over forty-thousand people flock to the 12K course each year to run in wild costumes and bounce along with the local bands that dot the route. Runners also used to enjoy a beer or five and were not averse to streaking – until 2009 when all alcohol and nudity was unceremoniously banned.

On Wednesday’s “Art Mann Presents,” Art jogs along from the starting line to the Finish Line Festival to get to the bottom of the ban.

Tune in Wednesday, June 4 at 8 ET|5PT for an all new episode of “Art Mann Presents” only on AXS TV!


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